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Hakuna Matata! Disney’s The Lion King 3D first time ever in theaters

Hakuna Matata! Disney's The Lion King 3D first time ever in theaters

Awesome animation, unforgettable story, award-winning music, beloved characters, etc, etc. It’s tough to top the accomplishments set forth in The Lion King, but Disney has somehow found a way to introduce an entire new dimension. …literally! The Lion King 3D hits select theaters today, Friday September 16th, for a limited edition two-week run. Simba and Mufasa detail the Circle of Life, Timon and Pumbaa teach us the ways of Hakuna Matata, Nala asks the question; Can you feel the love tonight, and so much more await fans, new and old, to this masterpiece of animation, and now’s the time to go see! So head over to the Pride Lands and take claim of Pride Rock for this special engagement of The Lion King 3D in theaters!

Hakuna Matata Trailer

Just Can’t Wait to Be King

Can You Feel the Love Tonight

The Circle of Life

The Lion King 3D: The Circle of Life

LION KING 3D Premiere Slideshow

The all star, all animal voice cast includes: Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Whoopi Goldberg, James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons, Ernie Sabella, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Robert Guillaume, Cheech Marin, Moira Kelly, and others.

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  1. Laura Laura

    I’ve just watched a short 3D preview of “The Lion King” video … … and it’s amazing! Also each North American child’s ticket to a RealD-equipped theater will come with a pair of 3D glasses, colored to match the movie and decorated with a picture of the lovable lion cub Simba, until the limited supply runs out 🙂

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