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The Lion King 3D roars before Cars 2

The Lion King 3D roars before Cars 2

Anyone go to see Cars 2 in theaters yet? If so, you’re one of the lucky few to get a first look at The Lion King in 3D! Don’t worry if you’re a late adopter, the sneak peek preview will appear before Pixar’s Cars sequel for the complete run in select theaters. In other words, if you go to see Cars, you could get to see the first four minutes of The Lion King 3D during the previews! (call ahead to see if your theater has the Hakuna Matata spirit) With Cars taking home the box office this past weekend, that means you should have a decent amount of time to get to theaters – but be sure to do so before it’s too late!!

And don’t forget, the full version of The Lion King 3D will be in theaters September 16th, and just a few short weeks after that, starting October 4th, you can bring The Lion King home on Blu-ray!

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  1. Manafichu Manafichu

    I did not see the preview at the theater I went to! But I did see The Lion King 3D preview at the theater where I saw Winnie the Pooh on opening day.

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