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Scariest Cartoon Characters #2: Chernabog

« Back Next »   The second scariest cartoon character of all time is the black god demon from Fantasia, Chernabog. Though he ranks so high on the list, He is oddly not very well known. It is possible that the world of cartoons thought he was SO scary that they could only bring him around in rare occasions — otherwise they’d all die of fright! If you don’t know the ...


Scariest Cartoon Characters #3: Maleficent

« Back Next »   ToonBarn’s third scariest cartoon character is Maleficent, from Sleeping Beauty. A dark fairy and self-proclaimed “mistress of all evil”, Maleficent is not only a difficult name to say, but an incredibly scary one, as well! She’s so vindictively bad that she curses Aurora, a young princess, to die before the sun sets on her 16th birthday. No party ...


Scariest Cartoon Characters #6: Hades

« Back Next »   Hades, from Hercules, is an easy choice for #6. I mean, it’s difficult to be scarier than the devil, and ruler of every deceased and creepy soul. Voiced by James Woods, Hades, leader of Greek Mythology’s Underworld, is a pretty scary guy. First off, he’s a god, and has all the power that comes with it. Secondly, he’s evil! Everything he does ...


Scariest Cartoon Characters #8: Jafar

« Back Next »   An evil sorcerer with plans to rule over all of Agrabah on his way to taking over the Universe, Jafar once hid himself as the Grand Vizier of the Sultan of Agrabah. However, not a day went by that he didn’t try to acquire more power, most notably through his quest to trap the fabled Genie of the Lamp. As soon as he is able to take hold over the Genie, he truly ...


Scariest Cartoon Characters #10: Scar

« Back Next »   As King Mufasa’s younger brother in The Lion King, Scar sees his whole life as the outcast, living outside the kingdom. When Mufasa’s son Simba was born, the new cub lowered Scar’s ranking even further, replacing him as second-in-command. This boiled Scar’s rage, and he formed a plan to take over The Pride Lands. By doing away with his brother ...


Watch the first 6 minutes of Tinker Bell online!

With the DVD now available in stores, Disney is making the first six minutes of the new Tinker Bell movie  available to website viewers at  You can watch the video on Disney’s new full-screen video player that they’re promoting heavily online.  Then, head on over to where you can make your very own fairy to hang out with Tinker Bell!  And, of course, ...


The magical world of …TiVo…?

Sure, you can use it to record shows.  It’s great!  No tapes, no mess.  Soon, TiVo will be able to provide footage instead of just recording it.  The company plans on making a number of Disney’s cartoon movies available to users of the service.  As a subscriber, all you’d have to do is order the film through the TiVo box, and it’s yours.  It is not yet known which ...


More details on the Tinker Bell movie

The Tinker Bell DVD movie comes out tomorrow, October 28th, and Disney is releasing a few more details to get everyone hyped up for it!  In addition to the commentary below, check out the scene above, and another clip after the break! Long before Peter Pan and the Lost Boys soared into Never Land, the world’s most beloved fairy and her friends were creating their own special magic. For ...


Ozie Boo and Manon head to Latin America

There’s been a lot of love for penguins lately!  France’s Cyber Group, the animation and distribution super team o’France, has signed an agreement with Disney Latin America to start airing their shows.  This includes the happy penguin group of Ozie Boo, amongst other shows, including Manon.  I guess with winter right around the corner, it’s about time we start making ...


Tinker Bell gets her own movie on DVD and Blu-Ray

Have you ever wondered how a flower gets its color…or pondered the source of a dew drop … or where rainbows originate? It’s all the work of fairies from the fantastic world of Pixie Hollow.  And now, DisneyToon Studios reveals the story of the most famous of all fairies, Tinker Bell.  The beloved fairy from Peter Pan will be bringing all the Pixie Dust she needs to DVD and ...


ToonBarn Trivia: Powerpuff quiz!

Today’s trivia question: One of the Powerpuff Girls has blonde hair … what’s her name? Email us with your answer and your first name or nickname. We’ll post the names of the first 5 people to send in the right answer in the next ToonBarn Trivia! And be sure to check after the break to see who won the previous ToonBarn Triva, Name Scrooge’s treasure! ...


Now you can demand Disney Channel U.K.! …sorta!

As of October 24th, Disney Channel U.K. has signed a new deal which allows viewers to watch Disney Channel and Playhouse Disney programming on demand in a Disney-branded environment.  This will include shows like Hanna Montana, Phineas and Ferb, and a range of Playhouse Disney programs including Mickey Mouse Club and My Friends Tigger and Pooh.  DIsney, when you want it!  Now that’s ... now has 67 pages of news and games!« First Page6263646566Last Page »

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