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WALL-E and Batman Win Scream Awards

Wall-E, the adorable CGI robot from Disney’s summer hit of the same name, was amongst serveral comic-book superheroes to take home Scream awards on Spike TV over the weekend.  The show was the third annual event honoring the best in fantasy, sci-fi, comics and horror, and will air on Spike TV Tuesday, October 21st, at 9PM.  Wall-E took home the award for Breakout Performance.  But it ...


Toy Story meets Dark Knight

I don’t know about you, but I loved Toy Story and Toy Story 2.  I also loved the sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight.  …I guess I really just like movies!  Well, there are a bunch of really talented and creative fans out there that are big fans of those movies AND have the ability to package them like you’ve never seen before… mushed together into one movie!  ...


Bolt: The Chase – a special new movie clip!

Apple has released a special new preview clip for the upcoming, CGI Disney movie Bolt. The movie wont be in theaters for another month still, it’s release date is November 21st, but now you can get a sneak peek of the action before anyone else by checking out the clip! [Source: Apple] ...


Oliver & Company special edition DVD

This coming February, Oliver & Company is heading to its own special edition DVD, straight out of the Disney vault! A timeless classic inspired by Charles Dickens’ novel “Oliver Twist”, Oliver & Company is a fun-filled, action-packed musical adventure voiced and sung by one of the most talented casts in Disney History.  And now you can have your very own copy with ...


I Got A Rocket!

Rocketing its way over to the Disney Channel in UK and several other locations is Taffy Entertainment’s I Got a Rocket! The show is based on the popular Australian kid’s book, featuring Vinnie Q and his retro-boostered Rocket as they race through life at five-times the speed of sound. Hey, if you had a rocket, wouldn’t you do the same thing?  The show is currently available in ...


Bolt’s official site lights up

Bolt’s official website is now up and running!  Disney’s latest super dog, whose movie is just a few weeks away from hitting theaters on November 21st, is filled with Bolt-related content.  Pictures, games, downloads, and tons of info on the CGI animated adventure comedy film.  Check it out and let us know what you think! [Source: Bolt’s official ...


Sleeping Beauty posters

With the special, upcoming release of Sleeping Beauty on 2-disc Platinum Edition DVD and Blu-ray high-definition disc, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has released several posters featuring stars from the film.  There are posters of Princess Aurora, Prince Phillip, and the evil Maleficent.   To get the posters on your computer, check out the links below the break. ...


Disney’s Alice in Wonderland

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is getting remade from the classic animated cartoon to a live-action adventure by Tim Burton.  With a number of movies to his credit (including of course the 1989 Batman film!) Burton has been trusted to make this film just as classic as the classic classic!  So far, Johnny Depp, from Pirates of the Caribbean, has been cast as the Mad Hatter.  Anne Hathaway ...


World of Cars Online

Disney Online will be launching an entirely new site that will act as a virtual world for the Pixar film Cars.  World of Cars will allow fans of the Disney classic to play around in Radiator Springs with all of the characters you know and love.  The site is set to launch in 2009, but Disney will launch a few test track previews for the site in a few weeks where you can create your own ...


ZeFronk cooks with fire!

Tasty Time with ZeFronk is a new animated series that will hit the Disney Channel starting November 8th.  The goal of the series is to teach kids healthy eating habbits (hmm…apples or pizza… ).  Included in this healthy programming block will be new episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, My Friends Tigger & Pooh, Imagination Movers and Bunnytown.  ZeFronk is a French Dachshund ...


Cars Land

Disney’s California Adventure park is getting a whole new, Cars-themed section called Cars Land in just a few years!  The project is already in development and construction has begun to create two huge rides featuring Luigi and Mater from the Pixar film.  Now, you’ll be able to live the movie in Disneyland instead of just on your DVD ...


Mater enjoys Car Toons

So, we already know that Mater will be hosting a series of minis called Car Toons, right?  (riiiight??)  Well Toon Disney has released a list of them for you to check out… right here! Monday, Oct. 27 (6:56 p.m.) Rescue Squad Mater. Mater is a fire truck that rescues Lightning McQueen from a burning building. When McQueen is rushed to the hospital, he discovers that Mater is a doctor, ... now has 67 pages of news and games!« First Page6364656667

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