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Disney Greenlights Chip N’ Dale Movie

As the recent Alvin and the Chipmunks and Smurfs movies prove, Live-Action/CG hybrid reboots of iconic 80s animated franchises are lucrative, and it’s something that no major studio can ignore – especially when it comes to Disney as they have dozens of these 80s franchises just waiting for a reboot. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, they may be in the process of reviving Chip N’ ...


Disney Streams Gargoyles on Youtube

This is big news, and certainly one that a lot of people my age will appreciate: according to the official Disney blog, their official Youtube channel will now be carrying full episodes of the iconic animated action series, Gargoyles. The decision to provide free streams of the old series is probably influenced by the fact that the series will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this fall. For ...


New Trailer for Disney’s Maleficent

A new trailer for Disney’s upcoming villain-centric film Maleficent has been released on the Internet. The trailer this time has been dubbed “Dream,” and comes packed with more footage and an eerie version of Lana Del Ray’s ‘Once Upon A Dream.’ Additionally, the trailer contains footages of some of the monsters that will be featured in the film. One of the key scenes in the film ...


Pixar Rumored to Be Working on a Star Wars Movie

This is pure rumor for now, but one that is not entirely baseless. Pixar’s owner, Disney, also owns LucasFilm now and The Clone Wars proved that Star Wars will work in CG form, so it’s not entirely unsurprising if people do consider it a possible that Pixar is hard at work on a new Star Wars film. The source of the rumor is Latino Review, which has a pretty good reputation for being right ...


Disney’s Frozen Heading to Broadway

Fresh off a Golden Globe win for Best Animated Feature, Disney is giving their CG animated take on the Snow Queen yarn, Frozen, another go by taking the franchise and aiming it in the direction of Broadway. According to a Variety report, a spokesman for Disney Theatrical Productions has already confirmed that a Disney musical adaptation of Frozen is already in the early development stage, ...


Women in Animation to Present Frozen: an Evening with the Filmmakers on Jan 14

The professional non-profit organization for women in the animation industry, Women in Animation (WIA), will be kicking off their 20th year with help from Walt Disney Animation Studios via their first 2014 event, “Frozen: An Evening with the Filmmakers.” Frozen: An Evening with the Filmmakers will be held on Tuesday, January 14th at 5:30 pm with pre-show mixer and presentation from 7:00-8:30 ...


Frozen chills box office top spot

This past weekend was cold. Really cold. FROZEN cold. … cuz… y’know, the movie was out, while the temperature was down. Oh, its a stretch of a corny pun, I know, BUT it gets the job done. Disney’s latest and greatest CG animated film, FROZEN, had a bit of a resurgence in its sixth weekend in the box offices. The film pulled in just shy of $20 million dollars in the ...


Marvel Nabs Star Wars License from Dark Horse

According to a recent report by Variety, comic book publisher Dark Horse has recently lost the license to the Star Wars property, which it has held for more than 2 decades. And the new owners aren’t surprising: Marvel, which is currently owned by Disney, which in turn owns LucasFilm. ...


Chris Williams Joins Big Hero 6 as Co-Director

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Williams has just joined Disney/Marvel’s big screen adaptation of Big Hero 6 as co-director, sharing duties with current named director Don Hall. Williams is known for co-writing the screenplay for the hit 2008 CG animated feature Bolt, in which he received an Oscar nomination for best animated feature. His past credits also include writing duties on ...


Disney Animated Named Best iPad App for 2013

The House of Mouse will be ending the year on a high note, as it’s just been one success after the other. Fresh off the recent success of Frozen (as well as being approved for a Chinese theatrical release, which is an achievement in and of itself), their Disney Animated App has just been named by Apple as the iPad app of the year for 2013. ...


Disney Takes Phase 4 to Court Over Frozen Land

Over the past few years, the number of animated features that take advantage of consumers’ familiarity with popular titles from Disney and Dreamworks has risen, and it seems like the House of Mouse has finally had enough. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has recently filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Phase 4 Films, which has recently released a movie called “Frozen ...


Disney’s Frozen Making Its Way to China

According to a recent report by, Disney’s hit CG animated take on the Snow Queen yarn, Frozen, will be making its way to China, as per a statement from the China Film Group, which is the country’s primary agency and gatekeeper for non-domestic films that want to enter China’s rapidly growing movie market. The statement basically states that they would allow a 2014 release for ... now has 67 pages of news and games!« First Page56789Last Page »

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