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Review: Disney’s Sleeping Beauty – Diamond Edition Blu-Ray, Digital HD

Last October 7, Disney once again opened its vaults in order to release their iconic take on the classic fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, as a Diamond Edition superset, which includes Blu-Ray, Digital HD, and VOD via Disney Movies Anywhere. The release is notable enough on its own, but made even more so by the fact that it marks the first time the film will be released on Digital HD, with polished sound and picture quality that will make it fit in with modern releases.

Story-wise, everybody knows the story of the princess who was cursed by an evil fairy, who was then protected by three loving fairy godmothers, and ultimately saved by a kiss from one who loves her purely. The film is arguably one of the most popular property in Disney’s vault, owing to the fact that the characters from their take have already appeared in various spin-offs and cross-overs, the most recent ones being the live action film Maleficent and the Kingdom Hearts series of videogames.

Content-wise, Sleeping Beauty: Diamond Edition is chock full of bonus features, as can be expected from a Disney home video release. For people who have already watched the Sleeping Beauty film on a rerun before getting hold of the Blu-Ray, these bonus features will be worth watching on their own. The bonus content includes Once Upon a Parade – a featurette that has Modern Family star Sarah Hyland walking us through the tale of Walt Disney World’s new Festival of Fantasy Parade. Then there’s Art of Evil: Generations of Disney Villains, which is a legacy piece that shines a spotlight on villain animator and Maleficent creator Marc Davis. Finally, there’s @DisneyAnimation: Artists in Motion, which has Walt Disney Animatio Visual Development artist Brittney Lee going through the process of producing a fully 3D sculpture of Maleficent using nothing but paper. Of course, no set of bonus features will be complete without various deleted scenes, alternate scenes, and even extra songs.

All in all, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty: Diamond Edition will be a welcome addition to your home video collection. It lets you relive one of the most memorable takes on the classic fairy tale, in a form that has been upgraded to meet the visual and audio clarity standards of the modern day.

Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition

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