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Tangled: Before Ever After Spring Creativity Kit

To celebrate the release of Tangled: Before Ever After on DVD, Disney s giving away a free Tangled: Before Ever After Spring Creativity Kit. This kit is a PDF file that contains several fun projects inspired by the Tangled franchise, and well-suited for the spring season, which is a time when everyone should be more active either in body or in mind.

Some of the projects featured on the Tangled: Before Ever After Spring Creativity Kit include:

A Glowing Egg Lamp – make a cool looking LED lamp out of an egg shell, and make it look even more beautiful by printing out the Rapunzel egg holder for use with your glowing egg lamp.

Spring Break Flower Ruler Pinwheel – use the natural power of wind (of which there should be plenty during spring) in order to make your cute little pinwheel spin. All you need is paper, scissors, wood ruler, and a push pin plus the instructions contained in the kit.

Braided Crown – the kit contains instructions on how to braid your hair safely, and in a way that makes it look as beautiful as Rapunzel’s (though there’s no instructions on how to make your hair magic as well, we are not sure that’s possible anyway.)

Tangled Angel Hair Frittata – serve it hot or serve it cold, this tasty egg, cheese, and pasta-based food is exactly what you need for energy during Spring’s hyper kinetic activites.

To download the Tangled: Before Ever After Spring Creativity Kit, you only need to click the button below:

Download Tangled Before Ever After Spring Creativity Kit

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