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Toy Story 3 Blu-ray and DVD Review

Toy Story 3 Blu-ray and DVD Review

Seems like just a few months ago, we were hyping the release of Toy Story 3 in theaters. …oh wait, it was! Alright, fine. Seems like just a few months ago, we were reviewing Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on Blu-ray. …wait a tick, that’s true, too! Huh. Well, could it possibly be true that we’re now reviewing the amazingly perfect Toy Story 3 Blu-ray for our reading audience! Booyah, we’re three for three here! Disney and Pixar have brought the third film in the Toy Story franchise home to fans in a miraculous fashion, as Toy Story 3 Blu-ray and DVD truly shows how animated toons, and their home versions, should be done.

Toy Story 3 toys on the floor at Sunnyside

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Toy Story 3 toys in shock

Toy Story is the franchise that started it all. By “it”, we mean the fame of Pixar, the genre of CG animated toons, and the world of Woody, Buzz, and Andy that we’ve come to know and love over the past 15 years. When you see films like Shrek or Finding Nemo or Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, they all owe their heritage to Toy Story. That’s all part of the reason why everyone loves the Toy Story films so much, and why Disney and Pixar both make sure they never disappoint with Toy Story products and movies.

Toy Story's Woody

That’s the thinking behind getting the Toy Story 3 Blu-ray and DVD. You’re not only going to get an amazing movie, but it’s going to have awesome extras, fantastic packaging, unbelievable quality, etc. Every aspect and every detail about the bundle is a present, from the phenomenal video quality to the minute details in the background menu animations. Toy Story 3 Blu-ray and DVD does it right.

Toy Story Andy and Woody

The story itself is incredible. Heartwarming, tender, funny, and filled with action and excitement. The characters reunite in ways we want and hope they would, aging a decade or so since we saw them last in the late 90s. Andy grew from a boy to a college-going young man, faced with perhaps the final, true decision of giving up his childhood: giving away his treasured toys. 5 minutes into the flick, the story gets ya; flooded with emotions of loving the franchise for 15 years, for our growing relationships with all of the characters, and for our own moments when we felt the same as they do on the screen. That is the power that Disney and Pixar films bring to their creations.

Buzz, Woody, and Jessie from Toy Story

Buzz, Jessie, and Andy's toys in a box

So, to keep the gang together, avoiding the risk of being given away (or worse; thrown away) the toys make their journey to Sunnyside Day Care center; a place they hope will serve as a luxurious retirement home, of sorts. It’s got everything they’d need or want; tons of kids with new classes of more each year, lots of other toys to interact with, and all of them get to be there, together.

Sunnyside Day Car Lots'o'Huggin

Tour of Toy Story's Sunnyside Day Care

Sounds perfect. …but of course it can’t be that easy. With toys like Lots o’ Huggin bear and Ken having been there for years, putting in their due time, they put themselves on top of the kingdom, making Andy’s toys the bottom. Whether that means being locked in cages or having to deal with toddlers that want to rip them apart, it’s just not a fun time for Andy’s toys, who start to realize they need to get out of there, in a “Great Escape” type fashion.

Lotso and Buzz

Lotso and Jessie

When Toy Story 3 finally hit theaters, we were all so incredibly anxious to see our old pals again. Thankfully, the home version captures all of the beauty and wonder of the big screen’s 3D presentation. The color and clarity of the visuals is spot on. The emotional and adventurous background audio, mixed in with the amazing voice cast, could not be better. There are 1080p, uncompressed visuals, and 7.1 digital high-resolution audio, so whether you’re watching this in your family’s giant home theater or just a small kitchen TV, everything about Toy Story 3 looks and feels perfect.

Potato Heads and Bug guy

The Blu-ray and DVD combo pack comes with four discs in total: the blu-ray presentation of Toy Story 3 on disc one, bonus blu-ray features on two, the DVD version of the movie is three, and the fourth disc is for digital copies, like bringing the movie to your iPhone or iPad.

Dejected Toy Story toys

In addition to the film, disc one offers;
* “Buzz Lightyear Mission Logs: The Science of Adventure” is an educational piece, showing Buzz Lightyear on a mission with NASA, floating around with zero gravity.
* “Toys” is a roughly 5-minute long featurette that examines the design of the toys themselves. Special insight is given on newer CG rendering techniques, remaking all of the original toys, as well as detailing the new characters, like Lotso.
* Day & Night, the short before the film, sits in it’s rightful place on the disc, as well – the option right next to the movie, as it was during it’s theatrical release.

Toy Story 3 dark glowing logo

Disc two provides a compressed version of the film, coupled with audio and picture-in-picture commentary, letting the film’s creators give fans a full behind-the-scenes walkthrough of the film. The disc also contains items like “Film Fans”, interactive games, and trivia that are fun for the whole family.

Woody and Jessie

When all is said and done, this is a marvelous package. It lives up to the incredibly high standard you’d expect, but then pushes it beyond in new ways you didn’t even think of. It’s not only one of the best films (ranking as the number one animated film of all time) but it’s bundled in perhaps the best and most complete compilations we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Truly, truly awesome and a must-have for all you toon fans out there.

Spanish Buzz Lightyear

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