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Toy Story 4 puts Buzz in a vacuum

Toy Story 4 puts Buzz in a vacuum

Well… no. The first Toy Story saw Woody and Buzz get separated from Andy and the toys. Pixar’s sequel, Toy Story 2, had the crew meet with the Woody’s Round Up Gang. Disney’s third tale, Toy Story 3, reversed the plot of the first CG film and had Andy separate from the toys. Now, what if Toy Story 4 was simply Andy’s mom cleaning house and vacuuming up all the spare bits and pieces of each and every toy? Tell me that doesn’t sound a little more threatening than Zurg! Recently, a commercial for the LG Kompressor Elite debuted on TVs around the globe, showing off the vacuum’s power. The story told in the 75 second clip takes that Toy Story 4 concept for a spin. Check it!


ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob
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  1. cooldino cooldino

    I agree. Its a good idea.First toy story good. Second toy story very good but could improve.Third toy story exellent.But they need a speechless one and thats the fourth one. I am 8. I mad for toy story

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