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Season 2 of Doc McStuffins Starts in September


According to a recent announcement from its parent company, Disney Junior’s groundbreaking CG-animated preschool series Doc McStuffins will kick off its second season this coming September 6. In support of the premiere, Disney Channel and Disney Junior has commissioned a 27 foot Airstream trailer dubbed “The Doc Mobile,” which will tour and promote the show around the country.

The Doc Mobile aims to promote good health and nutrition, as it will invite kids from all over the country to give their toys a check-up, while taking part in other health and wellness lessons, such as nutrition and physical development.

The Doc Mobile will start its tour on Sunday, August 18 at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, and will make its way to New York, Chicago, San Antonio, Ft. Worth, New Orleans, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Phoenix.

By Neil Raymundo

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One reply on “Season 2 of Doc McStuffins Starts in September”

Please let your readers know that the “select cities” at which Doc will appear are apparently NY, DC, San Antonio and LA. She was definitely NOT in Boston yesterday which pretty much made the event a bust. LONG lines, fee for admission to the zoo, no Doc. Disney blew this one. My family arrived 10 minutes after the event started and waited for 2+ hours to engage in activities my daughter (3 1/2) does pretty much every day at home. She wanted to know why doc wasn’t there and was told she was in her back yard taking care of her dolls and pets. Um, thanks. We didn’t pay to get in because we are members of the zoo, but I saw a post from a p-o’d dad who had paid $56 to get in. Disney is WAY too circumspect about the “select cities”. One would have thought that the only city in which people have to pay to see Doc would have been selected… We love Doc, but got totally “disneyed” by this event…

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