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Bandai Namco Teasing New Dragon Ball App

Despite the impending hiatus of Dragon Ball Super, the franchise continues to be a commercial success in games, with the last DLC pack for Xenoverse proving to be a hit among fans (mostly because it’s the first video game appearance of Jiren and Goku in his perfected Ultra Instinct form) and Dragon Ball FighterZ garnering praise from both fighting game aficionados and dragon ball fans alike.

Bandai Namco doesn’t look like they’re content to rest on their laurels, though. A countdown site has just been created for the purpose of teasing a new Dragon Ball smartphone app, with the teaser stating that the official reveal will be made through a NicoNico live stream on March 21.

Details are sparse, outside of an official Twitter account, but it is said that the app will be free to play and will be made available in Japan, Asia, North America, and Europe with support for their respective languages.

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