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Bardock and Broly Confirmed for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Ever since Dragon ball FighterZ launched with its solid, yet somewhat modest roster, rumors and speculation over which characters will be included in the DLC packs started floating around. The recent issue of Japanese magazine V-Jump will hopefully lessen the amount of speculating online, as it has revealed the first two characters to be released as downloadable content: Bardock and Broly.

Bardock is a low-ranking Saiyan warrior who was first introduced in a TV movie as Goku and Raditz’ father. Bardock is notable for being one of the first Saiyans to have rebelled against Frieza, and in a follow-up manga and TV movie has also been revealed to have achieved Super Saiyan status, and is the main reason why Frieza’s family is afraid of the legend of the super saiyan.

Broly, on the other hand, is a hulking behemoth who was introduced in a non-canonical, yet fan-favorite movie and is characterized as mentally unstable, yet extremely powerful. Broly is singularly obsessed with killing Goku, with his hatred for the protagonist going back to their days as infants when the colicky baby Goku kept on crying and disturbing baby Broly.

No date or pricing has been released yet for the DLC packs, although folks who bought the FighterZ edition of Dragonball FighterZ won’t have to worry, as they get each of the 8 planned DLC characters automatically upon release.

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