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DBZ and Saint Seiya to be Remastered in LatAm

Toei Animation has started the distribution of remastered versions of animated series classics Saint Seiya and Dragon Ball Z in Latin America, together with early deals for Nicaragua and Ecuador, just as the NATPE started. The remasters will be showcased during the market.

Televisora Nicaraguense S.A. Canal 8 in Nicaragua and Corporacion Ecuatoriana de TV A.A. in Ecuador have licenced Dragon Ball Z. Canal 8 also gets first broadcasting of all 114 episodes of the remastered Saint Seiya series.
According to the President of Toei Animation Inc, Masayuki Endo, they are thrilled to reveal the remastered versions of Saint Seiya and Dragon Ball Z to Latin American broadcasters and programmers all over the world at NATPE.


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