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Discotek Planning Dr. Slump Anime Movie Release


Discotek Media has recently announced plans to release a collection of the anime movie adaptations of Akira Toriyama’s comedy series, Dr. Slump. Movies one through five are scheduled to be released with English subtitles and Japanese language audio. The release dates are currently TBA.

Movie 1: Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: Hello! Wonder Island
Movie 2: Dr. Slump: “Hoyoyo!” Space Adventure
Movie 3: Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: Hoyoyo, Great Round-the-World Race
Movie 4: Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: Hoyoyo! The Treasure of Nanaba Castle
Movie 5: Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: Hoyoyo! Dream Capital Mecha Police

Many young Akira Toriyama fans outside of Japan have already seen Dr. Slump’s protagonist, Arale, via her cameos and guest appearances in various episodes of Dragon Ball.

Interesting Trivia: Toriyama himself has stated that during the first appearance and defeat of Piccolo, Arale at that time was stronger than Goku and could have beaten him in a straight fight. Of course, this is based on the Dragon Ball rules of engagement, as Dr. Slump is a comedy series and Arale’s feats in that series are greatly exaggerated for comedic effect (including punching people into outer space and splitting the earth in half).

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  1. For example, one of the recurring characters is Suppaman, a short, fat, pompous buffoon who changes into a Superman -like alter-ego by eating a sour-tasting (“suppai” in Japanese) umeboshi . Unlike Superman, Suppaman cannot fly, and instead pretends to fly by lying belly down on a skateboard and scooting through the streets. Also, one of the village’s policeman wears a Star Wars -style stormtrooper helmet, just as in the American movies. Toriyama himself has been portrayed as a bird (the “tori” in his last name means “bird”, hence the name of his production studio Bird Studio), although he actually based the design of Senbei on himself. In addition, other real-life people make appearances as well, such as Toriyama’s editor ( Kazuhiko Torishima ), assistants, wife, his colleague friends (such as Masakazu Katsura ) and others.

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