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Dragon Ball Z – Battle of Gods Promo Contains Plenty of New Footage


A new promo for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z film, titled Battle of Gods has been released. The new one seems to be significantly better than the previous trailers content-wise, as it features plenty of never before seen footage. Plenty of fanservice, too. Such as the Great Saiyaman, transforming into the Giant Ape, and a proper look at the showdown between Goku (in his various states of Super Saiyan transformation) and God of Destruction Bills.

Dragon Ball Z – Battle of Gods is set in the 10 years between the end of the fight with Majin Boo in chapter 517 of the manga and chapter 518, and has the God of Destruction Bills being awakened and looking for the strongest being in the universe to sate his thirst for a challenging fight. Of course, this being Dragon Ball Z, it’s obvious that the prime candidate is Goku. Unfortunately for the universe, Goku in his current state proves to be no match for Bills.

Dragon Ball Z – Battle of Gods is scheduled to open in Japan on March 30, 2013.

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