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Dragon Ball to Get its Own Department at TOEI

If there is still any doubt in any one’s mind about the popularity of the Dragon Ball franchise, the latest news coming out of TOEI will put all those doubts to rest. According to a recent announcement, TOEI Animation will be undergoing a restructuring next month. Part of this restructuring is the creation of a Dragon Ball-focused department.

The new Dragon Ball-centric department will be under the Anime Planning and Production Headquarters. Atsushi Suzuki (Digimon Adventure Tri movies producer) will head the department. He will also serve as executive and business development department head.

This news should allay fans’ fear that they will not have any new Dragon Ball content to consume. The upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie may be coming , but the anime series has already aired its season finale a couple of weeks ago. A new department devoted to Dragon Ball property will likely lead to more Dragon Ball content in a wide range of platforms.

By Neil Raymundo

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