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Dragon Ball is Not Done With Your Nintendo 3DS

Despite being underpowered and somewhat on its last legs generation-wise, the Nintendo 3DS had a lot of things going for it particularly for fans of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball franchise. It’s got a number of exclusive gems such as Extreme Butoden or Fusions. Now, we can add yet another Dragon Ball gem to the 3DS’ crown with the announcement of Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X, which is scheduled to launch in Japan on April 27, 2017.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X boasts of 5 on 5 battles with over 36 missions and over 240+ playable characters, marking an all-time high for the series on any console. If you want to see the action for yourself, Bandai Namco has got you covered with a full promo that showcases some of the features, customization, and gameplay:

Keep in mind that the Nintendo 3DS is region-locked, so this is pretty much out of reach for us 3DS owners who didn’t get or import a Japanese 3DS. Perhaps one of you good lads can fetch all 7 of the Dragon Balls and wish for an NA port.

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