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Dragon Ball Super Anime to End in March

It’s common knowledge that the Tournament of Power story arc in Dragon Ball Super is winding down, as we are now down to the last 6 contestants (4 from Universe 7 and 2 from Universe 11), but a recent reveal of the upcoming GeGeGe no Kitaro anime’s timeslot puts it at the 9:00AM Saturday morning Fuji TV time slot currently occupied by Dragon Ball Super. And since GeGeGe no Kitaro is slated for an April 1 premiere, it stands to reason that the current run of Dragon Ball Super will be ending this March.

DBS fans weren’t willing to give up at first, and the speculation was that DBS would simply move to another timeslot – it is a very popular series after all, and the upcoming release of a new high profile Dragon Ball fighting game would further boost interest, but SoraNews24 has contacted Fuji TV to get to the bottom of things and ended up getting confirmation that the current Dragon Ball Super series will end, with no definite lpans established for the future.

Of course, there is a feature film coming out in December, so we’re not going to be Dragon Ball-less for the whole year. Plus, it’s Dragon Ball – they’ll bring it back eventually. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait another 19 years.

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