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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Coming to Home Video


Summer is usually the time for anime movies to be released on home video, but a recent retailer listing reveals that Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is breaking away from the norm by making fans wait until fall, before they get a chance to own the action-packed movie on home video formats:

Listed for September 13th:

BD Limited edition: 9,240 yen
DVD Limited Edition: 8,190 yen
Blu-ray Regular Edition: 5,040 yen
DVD Regular Edition: 3,990 yen


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is the latest full length feature for Akira Toriyama’s iconic shonen franchise, and follows the Z soldiers as they face off against the God of Destruction, Birus. The events in the movie are set in the 10-year gap between chapters 517 and 518 of the original manga, and is an official part of the storyline, with creator Akira Toriyama himself being deeply involved.

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