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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Opens to a $7 Million Take


As expected, the latest anime movie for the Dragon Ball franchise, Battle of Gods, managed to become the top non-American film overseas during its opening weekend. According to Variety, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods opened across 328 screens in Japan, with 16 of them being IMAX theaters, and managed to earn a total of US $7 million.

Other films that competed with Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods include Oz the Great and Powerful, Jack the Giant Slayer, The Croods, and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, with Retaliation managing to take home the largest box office take in both worldwide and domestic markets, totalling US $132 million.

It’s reported that IMAX tickets contributed $450,000 to the total box office take of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, with a per-screen average of $28,000.

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