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Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Smartphone Game Trailer Revealed

Can you ever have enough Dragon Ball Z games? Bandai Namco Games believes no, you can never have enough Dragon Ball Z games. And in the case of smartphones, we sorta agree. The number of official DBZ games on smartphones can be counted on the fingers of one’s hand, and all of them are Japanese-exclusive. The recent reveal of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is therefore very much appreciated if it weren’t for the fact that it’s Japanese-exclusive again.

For those of us stuck with Dragon Ball-less smartphones, BamCo has released a new trailer for Dokkan Battle, which should either placate you because you can at least look at the game in action, or send you into a table-flipping rage as people from another country once again gets all the games that you want. You can check out the trailer below:



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