Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z gets browser game

Bandai Namco and Toei Animation have partnered up for a brand new Dragon Ball PC browser game, Dragon Ball Z: Xkeeperz (pronounced “cross-keepers”). The game features 4-on-4 survival battles where you can engage in battles and swap between your favourite characters at will. Gameplay consists of clicking with the ability to store energy to get stronger and unleash powerful attacks by holding onto a button.

Dragon Ball Z: XKeeperz will be launched in Japan as a free-to-play title sometime this Spring. The official site indicates the game will use Yahoo! Japan’s platform. Players can pre-register for the game and win items by spotting seven Dragon Balls hidden throughout the site. Sending out Tweets through the game’s website will also help grow the bonuses.

Psychic Lover, who’s previously done music on shows like Bakugan and Cardfight!! Vanguard will perform the game’s original theme song.

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