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Dragonball FighterZ Excessive PC System Requirements Confirmed as Placeholder

Despite the massive hype surrounding the release of Bandai Namco and Arc System Works’ gorgeous 2.5D Dragonball fighting game, Dragonball FighterZ, the PC port isn’t exactly all sweetness and light as many players are worrying about the ridiculously high minimum system requirements (especially for a game of its kind). At the moment, the Steam store page lists an i7-3770 CPU, a GTX 660 4GB GPU, and 16 GB of RAM as the minimum requirements. It’s not unattainable, and we suspect many gamers already have rigs capable of exceeding those, but it is still too high for a minimum and players are worried that it’s an indication of a lazy unoptimized port.

If you are part of the people who were worried, Bandai Namco has stepped in and officially confirmed that the minimum requirements on the Steam store page are not final, and will be updated later on.

We suspect that the listed minimum specs are merely based on the PCs used by the developers to develop and test the game, and they have not yet done further testing in order to see how the build will perform on weaker PCs. It is a very common occurrence with Japanese-developed games on Steam, with other examples being the Koei-Tecmo-developed Dead or Alive 5: Last Round and One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, both of which initially had ridiculously high system requirements, but turned out to be optimized enough to run on potato PCs upon release.

Of course, Bandai Namco has only said that the minimum system requirements are not final. They never said that it’s going to be lower. For all we know, the true system requirements are much higher – but let’s not jinx it. We want Dragonball FighterZ to run on as many PCs as possible. We want it to run on your grandmother’s desktop, on your aunt’s laptop, on your sister’s pink AIO PC, and heck – we want Dragonball FighterZ playing on the little LED screen attached to the local gym’s treadmill. So get to it Arc Sys, optimize the shiz out of our game, and our wallets will be open and willing on January 26, 2018!

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