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Fan Video: Dragonball Sequel

Fan Video: Dragonball Sequel

After an entire year’s worth of work, fan animator Mellavelli has just released the first episode of his own sequel to Dragon Ball, titled “Absalon.” The fan movie clocks in at 14 minutes, and picks up where Dragon Ball GT left off, with Goku gone and the world and its peace left in the care of the rest of the Z Warriors. Of course, there wouldn’t be much left for the sequel if said peace lasted – so a new group of villains have appeared, and right at a time when one of the strongest protectors of the planet – Vegeta – has also left in search of stronger opponents.

While Dragon Ball Absalon is way better than Evolution (by default), the animation style is exactly what you’d expect from a fan video. It doesn’t look as polished and as consistent as a professional effort, but it does the job decently enough, allowing you to enjoy the story if you look past the rough edges. The soundtrack is excellent, though, and even includes a narrator that almost sounds like the real thing.

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