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Fun Facts About Dragon Ball

We were originally going to call this post “Little Known Facts About Dragon Ball” but we realized that you already know about most (or all!) of these things if you’re a fan of Akira Toriyama’s iconic manga/anime franchise. These tidbits of information will only be new to people who don’t know and/or don’t care about Dragon Ball. Basically, this post goes out to those 3 fans who have only heard about the series yesterday.

Goku is a Biter


Talk about being a dirty fighter! Out of all the main villains that Goku has fought in the anime, the only one he didn’t bite is Cell. He probably just didn’t get the chance. By the time he thought of biting, it was already at that point where Cell was getting ready to explode at the slightest touch.


Piccolo is Only 4 Years Older Than Gohan

PiccoloShieldingGohanFans see Piccolo as the surrogate father to Gohan, as the Namek has had a more active role in raising and training Gohan during his formative years (because Goku is a deadbeat father who only cares about food and fighting.) But when it comes to actual biological age, Piccolo would be more of an older brother, as he was born (or was he hatched?) only 4 years before Chi Chi gave birth. Namekians simply grow at a faster rate than humans and Saiyans. Of course, we’re not counting the complexities behind Piccolo’s existence, as he still has traces and memories of his predecessors, making him one of the older and wiser protagonists in the series mentally.


Goku Was OVER 8000!

Goku_over_8,000The original line was over 8000, but the dub sounded better with over 9000. The rest is meme history. The point is moot, though. Given Goku’s abilities at the time, he could have easily surpassed 9000 (and he did, during the fight with Vegeta.)

There Was a Brief Period When Piccolo Was the Strongest Z-Soldier in the Series


People can complain about how Vegeta usurped Piccolo’s place as the series’ no.2 and Goku’s primary foil, but there was a period in the story where the Namek was more powerful than even Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan forms – it was during the Cell Saga when Piccolo fused with Kami Sama, resulting in a new entity that was strong enough to fight Android 17 to a standstill (and he would have won, if it weren’t for the Androids’ eternal power source and Cell’s interference.)


Tienshinhan Was More Useful Than Krillin


Dragon Ball gets a lot of flak for relegating the Z Soldiers to mere bit players and cannon fodders by the time the Super Saiyans came along, and we agree. The Z Soldiers being active fighters would have made for a lot more variety during the butt end of the series. Krillin was considered as the most useful because he had a lot of screen time (and deaths. Never Forget.) but the truth is Tienshinhan was still technically stronger than Krillin and has had a more active role in fights with the villains, such as the time when he used kikohou to delay Cell, or that one time when Gohan was saved from Buu’s killing blow by a kikohou that seemingly came out of nowhere.


Vegeta Has No Reason to Be Bitter


Vegeta has always had a chip on his soldier and harbored negative feelings towards Goku for always besting him  (Because Goku is a commoner while he is a prince. Yeah. Vegeta’s kind of an elitist jerk.) but there was really no reason to be bitter, because out of all the scuffles they have had, Goku has never beaten Vegeta in a straight and fair fight. Given their characters, it should be Goku who’s hounding Vegeta asking for a chance to win cleanly.


Yamcha Was the Worst Z-Soldier


We’ve mentioned above that the Z-Soldiers were pretty much footnotes by the latter half of the series. Out of the main Z-Soldiers, Yamcha was the one who always had the raw end of the deal. For starters, he has never made it past the quarterfinals in any World Martial Arts Tournament, then every major arc has him either incapacitated, injured, or dead. Lastly, he was the only Z-soldier to die at the hands of a Saibaiman. Krillin killed several on his own, and even Chaiotzu managed to survive long enough to fight Nappa. (Oddly enough, I really like Yamcha if we’re going on aesthetics alone, simply because of how kick-ass he looked compared to the other orange gi-wearing characters – hair that doesn’t look so silly, eyebrows that are always furrowed, and those kick-ass facial scars.)

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By Neil Raymundo

A cowardly and treacherous Toonbarn blogger who can transform into a McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. Secretly wants to replace Toonbarn Rob as leader of the Decepticons.

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