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FUNimation to Release Broadcast Version of Dragon Ball Z on DVD

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A lot has been said about the original broadcast of Dragon Ball Z, namely with regard to the sheer amount of fillers it had, and how its removal made Dragon Ball Kai a much more accessible watch for newcomers to the franchise. However, those of us who grew up on the original versions feel that even though it’s true that the trimmed version is significantly better, the fillers themselves do have a place and added a lot to the series, especially if you’re not watching the series as a marathon.

FUNimation feels the same way as they have recently announced that they will be adding a new special edition release of the original broadcast version of Dragon Ball Z to their scheduled releases:

The box will retail on August 20th, under the MSRP of $99.98

Release highlights:

• Contains Eps #1-53 + 3 Movies (Dead Zone, the Worlds Strongest, and Tree of Might) on 9 DVD’s.
• Each Collector’s Edition comes in a hardbound, full color 48 page book; which showcases the characters, history, and tropes that helped elevate Dragon Ball Z to the pop culture phenomenon it is today
• Never before released in a DVD collection – this is deep in the Funimation vault!
• This release includes the original opening theme song “Rock The Dragon”
• The original Canadian voice cast can only be found on this release

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