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Goku vs. Superman - Who Will Win?

Goku vs. Superman – Who Will Win?

Goku vs. Superman - Who Will Win?

Goku vs. Superman is one of the big “east vs. west” debates in nerd fandom, one that was only rarely resolved due to the fact that both characters are so overpowered that neither of their respective continuities were actually consistent with the limits of their abilities. It’s a case of both characters growing too powerful for the reality they live in, that the writers themselves started coming up with all sorts of crazy stuff and plot devices just to create logical challenges for their heroes. There’s also the fact that fans tend to miss certain details in order to make a case for their favorite character.

The guys over at screw attack are trying to resolve this age old debate, and they’re going about it with level heads. In a 30+ minute video (featuring a short animation depicting the fight), they try to pit everyone’s favorite Saiyan with everyone’s favorite Krypton, using data gathered from the comics/mangas and shows, while trying to make it a level playing field by only considering modern day Superman (since the silver age Superman was so powerful that he can destroy planets by sneezing, travel through time, and invent new powers on a whim, such as the ability to throw his voice across great distances a.k.a. super ventriloquism)

Check out the video below:

I’m not about to spoil the video, but personally, I believe Superman would take Goku in a fight. I’m a huge Dragon Ball fan, and I’m sure Goku is a better hand-to-hand fighter but Superman can survive in space and can take vacations in the sun. Goku, on the other hand, can’t breathe in space. Additionally, two main villains in the series – Broly and Cooler – were incinerated after being blasted into the sun.

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