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IMAX Trailer for Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is about to hit the big screens on March 30th, and not just the big screens, it’s about to hit the biggest of them all, as the movie is going to be the first-ever Japanese movie to be shown in IMAX. You can check out the promo below for a few shots of Goku summoning Shenlong during Bulma’s birthday party, as well as Vegeta fighting with Bills, and our very first shot of Marron.

We also have a bit of info about the much talked-about new Saiyan form beyond Super Saiyan 3. But it’s one of the biggest spoilers of the film, so if you want to watch the movie with all the surprises intact, you can stop reading after this sentence.

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While it’s true that the Super Saiyan God form has powers beyond that of an SSJ3, it’s not so much a transformation as it is just a Saiyan tapping on a different source of power. If you’ve ever watched the first Dragonball Z movie that had Broly in it, the Super Saiyan God is basically like that part in the end where Goku absorbed the power of his friends, only instead of 3 Saiyans and 1 Namek, the Super Saiyan God needs the power of six pure-hearted Saiyans.

It is said in the movie that the Super Saiyan God form already appeared n Planet Vegeta once before in order to stop evil Saiyans, but failed due to the form’s time limit. Yes, once again they introduced an overpowered form that has a time limit.

Additionally, by the end of the movie, Goku has already memorized “the feeling” of being a Super Saiyan God and can tap into its power from time to time, without needing six pure hearted saiyans.

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