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New Dragon Ball Super episodes return to Toonami Asia

While Dragon Ball Super continues to dominate the late night Toonami block in the United States, fans in South East Asia have been on pause. After episode 13, Goku, Surpass the Super-Saiyan God!, the series went on reruns. You see, while North America receives an English dub produced in Texas by Funimation, other markets, like South East Asia get a completely separate one by Bang Zoom Entertainment in Los Angeles. Thankfully, fans in that region are finally getting new episodes starting July 1, 2017.

This separate Dragon Ball Super production features Lex Lang as Goku, Dana Hayes as Goten, Archie Fletcher as Beerus, Michael McConnohie as King Kai, Kaiji Tang as Vegeta, Haley Lewis as Trunks, Ray Chase as Piccolo, Chris Hackney as Gohan, Wendee Lee as Bulma, Michelle Ruff as Chi Chi, Brian Beacock as Krillin, Erika Harlacher as Videl, Spike Spencer as Majin Buu, and Doug Erholtz as Whis. These new episodes will feature the much anticipated debut of Derek Stephen Prince as Freeza.

For all of our SEA readers, be sure to check Toonami Asia’s online schedule to find out when the premiers return in your country.

Bang Zoom’s Dragon Ball Super dub debuted on Toonami Asia on January 21st. Here’s a clip:

Which cast do you like better, Funimation or Bang Zoom? Maybe you’re a diehard version of the original Dragon Ball Z dub done in Vancouver, Canada? Leave a comment down below!

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New Dragon Ball Super episodes return to Toonami Asia

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