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New Dragon Ball Super Promo Teases Android No. 17 Return

It’s already been confirmed by previous announcements and in actual episode dialogue(via Goku asking Android 18) that Android No. 17 will be returning to Dragon Ball Super, probably as part of Universe 7’s team of fighters, but a new official promo goes one step further and reminds fans why this is notable.

As the promo video rightfully reminds fans, No, 17, along with 18 (who is also joining the Universe 7 team) cut a bloody path of destruction among the heroes during his first appearance, showing a mean streak that brought fear to the eyes of the Super Saiyans who were at the time the most powerful beings in the universe, or so they thought.

Of course, things have progressed to the point where 17’s power is no longer intimidating, and would be dwarfed even by Piccolo’s (assuming that 17 has not undergone a power up during all those years), but as the practice bout between Krillin and Gohan showed, the Tournament of Power is not just about raw, physical might. Someone with just the right amount of power, demonstrable smarts, and cunning like No. 17 could turn the tide of battle at the right time and give Universe 7 their much needed win.

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