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New Dragon Ball Z Fighting Game Coming Out for the 3DS: Extreme Butouden

This one surprisingly got past my dragonball radar(har!), but it’s been announced a few days ago that the Nintendo 3DS will be getting a new 2D Dragonball Z fighting game, dubbed “Dragon Ball Z: Super Extreme Butouden.” Readers who are as old as me will be slightly familiar with the name because it seems to be a continuation of the Super Butouden franchise that began on the Super Famicom – a franchise that took a lengthy hiatus only to briefly reappear on the Nintendo DS (via Dragon Ball Kai Ultimate Butouden.)

Taking over the franchise is Arc System Works, which is known for the Guilty Gear franchise, so one can expect that the new game will be conducive to highly competitive bouts and will feature extremely detailed spritework. The initial reveal boasts of over a hundred characters as well as supports. has posted a translated scan of an advert that showed up on Weekly Shonen Jump:


Dragon Ball Z: Super Extreme Butouden is scheduled for release in Japan this Summer.


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