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New Official Dragon Ball Game for Android Devices


There is an unfortunate dearth of Dragonball-related apps on tablets, unless you count the hundreds of fan made apps out there, all of which have quality that runs anywhere from “crappy” to “insulting.” In fact, let’s be specific and just say that there have been no officially made Dragonball game on Android and iOS devices. Namco Bandai is looking to fix that problem as they prepare a new Dragon Ball Z game that will come out for Android and iOS-based Smartphones in Japan, titled Dragon Ball: Tap Battle.

As the title implies, Dragon Ball: Tap Battle is a fighting game that uses tapping as a means of launching offensive and defensive moves – anybody who’s had a chance to play the various tap-fighting games on tablets will feel right at home with the mechanics. It’s basically a QTE (quick time event) game.

Fights are broken up by action events that allow tapping for additional damage, and players can battle one another via Bluetooth connectivity. Priced at ¥350 ($3.75), Dragon Ball: Tap Battle will be compatible with iPhone (4, 4S, and 5) and Android devices (version 2.3 or higher)




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