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Scariest Cartoon Characters #18: Piccolo

Top 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters Number 18 Piccolo

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Piccolo fills in nicely at #18 on ToonBarn’s list of scariest cartoon characters. The Dragon Ball manga is the home to many fights, and many fighters with an awesome set of powers and skills. But it is the evil Piccolo, whose green, demonic, alien form, truly intimidate all in the land. He is amazingly powerful and a perfect villain for Goku in every way.

DragonBall Z would later turn Vegeta into Goku’s chief rival, but it will forever be Piccolo in the minds of most Dragon Ball fans, as the true arch nemesis. It is not only his frightening form, but his unrelenting strive to be the ultimate fighter and take down Goku once and for all that make Piccolo one of the scariest characters of cartoon history. Check out the video of this selection


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