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Toei Confirms that Dragon Ball Super Anime will Continue

Earlier this year, fans of the Dragon Ball Super anime were dealt a big blow when it was announced that the anime will be airing its final episode soon as Goku and Jiren finally wraps up their fight at the Tournament of Power. And as much as people want to finally see how the tournament will end, it’s still bittersweet that it will have to herald the end of the beloved series.

Fortunately, Toei Animation has stepped in and confirmed that no, the series will continue to live on and that there’s still more in store for fans of Dragon Ball. Toei has announced a new Dragon Ball Super film, and it is said that this film, much like Battle of Gods and Return of F, will serve as a the start of a new arc for the series. An official statement from series creator Akira Toriyama has further solidified the information about the series’ future, with translations of his statement all revealing that the TV series will be ending, but only “for the time being.” All of these point to Toei and co most likely focusing on the Dragon Ball Super movie, before using it as a jumping on point for a new season of the TV anime.

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