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Toonami Releases Promo for Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge

This coming May 24, fans of Bleach and Space Dandy will have to be patient, as both shows will be taking a night off from Cartoon Network’s Toonami programming block. Hopefully, said fans are also fond of Akira Toriyama’s iconic Dragon Ball Z franchise, as the fifth anime movie in the franchise, Cooler’s Revenge, will be taking over the time slot temporarily vacated by Bleach and Space Dandy.

You can check out Toonami’s promo for the feature below:

For the uninitiated, Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge features Freeza’s older and more powerfuler brother, as he makes his way to Earth in search of the so-called Super Saiyan that killed Freeza in Planet Namek. While Cooler doesn’t exactly have any concern for the late Freeza, he sees it as an insult that a lowly Saiyan would be strong enough to kill a member of his family. This means he has to find Goku and get his revenge.

Toonami’s slate for May 24:

11:30pm – Attack on Titan
12:00am – DBZ Cooler’s Revenge
1:00am – Naruto Shippuden
1:30am – One Piece
2:00am – Blue Exorcist
2:30am – Black Lagoon
3:00am – Beware the Batman
3:30am – Naruto
4:00am – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
4:30am – Samurai Jack
5:00am – Star Wars: The Clone Wars
5:30am – Sym–bionic Titan


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