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Vegeta Shows Off His Dance Moves in New Dragon Ball: Battle of Gods Clip

vegeta dances

Never let it be said that Dragon Ball is always about fighting with no regard for the arts whatsoever. In fact, the most ferocious warrior race, the Saiyans, seems to have a prince that appreciates the finer points of dancing, as evidenced in the following clip from the Dragon Ball: Battle of Gods film, in which great Saiyan prince and one of the most powerful warriors in the universe, Vegeta, shows off some less than fearsome moves. A new clip aired on Japanese morning TV, lending a little bit of context to the Saiyan prince’s wackier side:

As for the movie itself, you know Vegeta’s going to get his chance to fight. But whether he’s going to win or not, you know this is Dragon Ball, right? Nobody’s allowed to beat the bad guy except for Goku. The last time they let someone else (like Gohan) beat the bad guy, Goku ended up dying.

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