Dreamworks Has Hired Two New Presidents:

Dreamworks has had a tough year. Mentioned in the scandal and subsequent lawsuit over collusion with Disney, Pixar and others to keep wages low. Its movies haven’t done so well… so changes had to be made. The long time President for Creative for Dreamworks is out and in its place, will be two Co Presidents. This follows Cartoon Networks recent hiring for a female executive after the shift around of several executives months before:

Major management shake-up this afternoon at the creatively struggling DreamWorks Animation. The studio just announced that veteran producers Bonnie Arnold and Mireille Soria, the respective lead producers of the studio’s How to Train Your Dragon and Madagascar franchises, will oversee creative development and production for DreamWorks Animation’s theatrical releases.

The studio’s chief creative officer, former Pocahontas production assistant Bill Damaschke, will step down from his role.

This has caused some surprise, despite both movies doing poorly in their second and fourth outings. It is possible that this could lead into another major change in Dreamworks (there have been buyout talks for years but nothing has come up it, and unconfirmed rumors that Disney, blocked the Hasbro talks) but nothing else of note is known at this time.

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