Dreamworks (Now Owned By Comcast) settles with artists in the wage suppression scandal

The drama, and story continues to takes even more twists, even more turns and now – the end might be near?

As I and Mark Ames and others have been reporting for three years, the wage suppression scandal has been a stick in the crawl of many of the major media folks. Now with AT&T possibly going to make a deal with Time Warner (or is CBS is also in play as well), it would be advantageous for these media folks not to step out of line with the FCC… they still have some power to prevent mega mergers – and Comcast already knows this all too well. Now with Comcast owning all of Dreamworks, and also dealing with overcharging of its Cable subscribers, it been a setting move for the media “empire” as of late:

As part of the settlement agreement, the named plaintiffs—Robert A. Nitsch, Jr., Georgia Cano, and David Wentworth—will be awarded $10,000 in consideration of their efforts on behalf of the class. Additionally, the agreement allows for 30% of the settlement amount (or $15 million) to be paid to the plaintiffs’ attorneys. (When an attorney is hired by a plaintiff on a contingency basis—that is, without pay unless the plaintiff wins the case—that attorney will typically receive anywhere from 25-40% of the amount awarded to the plaintiff.)

Chump change sadly, compared to the billions these animation companies made for their studios.

All there is left is Disney – and they may go to court…

There will be more about this – It could be the end of the story – or even more intrigue…

Source: Cartoon Brew

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