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Futurama’s 7th Season Starts in June

Futurama’s 7th Season Starts in June

Mark your calendars! Fry, Bender, Leela, and the rest of the Planet Express crew will be back on Comedy Central for Futurama’s 7th season, with a special two episode premiere heralding the Emmy Award-winning cartoon’s return on Wednesday, June 20 at 10/10:30 PM ET/PT.

Futurama was the magnum opus of Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, which centers on the adventures of a pizza boy named Phillip J. Fry, who accidentally sets off an accident that gets him cryogenically frozen on New Years Eve of 1999, only to be thawed in the year 3000. Fry eventually came to terms with his predicament and joined an intergalactic delivery service.

The show has two Emmy Awards under its belt, consisting of Outstanding Animated Program and Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for Maurice LaMarche. The series features the voice talents of John Dimaggio as Bender the Robot, Katey Sagal as Leela, and Billy West as Fry.

Stay tuned for more details as the premiere approaches.

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