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Multiplatform Campaign for Futurama’s Seventh Season

Multiplatform Campaign for Futurama's Seventh Season

Comedy Central is preparing a huge multiplatform promotional campaign for the seventh season of the hit animated show Futurama, which will start airing on June 20, 10 PM. Their first campaign is the special Countdown to Futurama Facebook page, which went live yesterday and will continue for 50 days, providing fans with exclusive content that includes teaser clips, character designs, episode stills, storyboards, and more. The Facebook countdown was kicked off with a sneak peek clip from the season premiere episode, entitled “The Bots and the Bees”.

The second part of the multiplatform Futurama promo campaign is a series of weekly podcasts that will start on Monday, May 7, at CC Digital. The first podcast will at least include a week’s worth of Countdown to Futurama content. The podcast will be hosted by exec producer and creator David X. Cohen, and he will be joined by a rotating cast of other show writers and producers.

Comedy Central plans to integrate the Futurama countdown on air and online, which will include daily features on the CC insider blog, the CC tumblr page, and on mobile via SMS messaging.

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