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Free Flash Game: Match Factory

Free Flash Game: Match Factory

We haven’t featured a free flash game for quite some time, but now that people are enjoying their holidays (and dreading the impending return to school or work), it seems like it’s high time for a relaxing yet extremely addicting free flash game – Match Factory:

Match Factory is basically a clone of the classic “Same Game” that’s been around since Windows 3.0 in the early 90s. The game gives you are given a large set of differently colored blocks, which you have to eliminate by clicking groups of 3 or more. It’s one of the few examples of games that can be addicting in its simplicity. Most players open the game thinking they’re going to try it out for a few minutes, only to realize later on that they’ve been playing for a couple of hours. It has that “just one more round” feel to it that makes these kinds of games more addicting than the latest oil-covered, lens flare-flooded AAA title:

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