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Go Go Plant

Go Go Plant

Go Go Plant! Sounds like something Inspector Gagdet might say. And, actually, playing the game and watching the little plant guy go, he even acts like the great Inspector! The game is simple, but addicting. Left arrow for a net, Up arrow to fly, Down arrow to dig, Right arrow to punch. You guide the plant through the obstacles, scoring points and defeating enemy objects along the way. Check out the game after the break and give it a whirl; I bet you can’t play just once.

ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob
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  1. rama utama rantung rama utama rantung

    wha lama

  2. aka angel aka angel


  3. hahahahaha hahahahaha

    wow this game is addicting

  4. hahahahaha hahahahaha

    wats up people

  5. nanda nanda

    this game is so fun lol this game is addicting

  6. Bbrybate Bbrybate

    oh my this is fun

  7. felix felix


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