Injustice: Gods Among Us PC Version Slow-Motion Fix

Injustice: Gods Among Us PC Version Slow-Motion Fix

A couple of weeks ago, the hit DC-themed fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us was ported successfully to the PC. The port follows this year’s theme of formerly console-only fighting games making their way to the PC platform, with the first one being Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst. However, like the aforementioned Naruto game, Injustice: Gods Among Us has issues with regard to performance.

A certain number of people are experiencing slow gameplay. Now, bear in mind that it’s not slow in the sense that they’re getting a lot of frame dips. It’s slow as in the game still pumps out all 60 frames of animation even if the PC running it can’t render all of them within a second, resulting in slow-motion gameplay.

Some of the people experiencing the problem were simply trying to run games on an underpowered PC (which can be blamed on the publishers being too liberal with their published system requirements and manufacturers of hardware – particularly laptops – being equally liberal with the capabilities of their products.)

Still, there’s a certain number of people with high-end PCs that would have no problems running other modern games on ultra settings who still experience poor performance. It’s exactly the same problem encountered by Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst.

Main Problems with the Port

1. Injustice: Gods Among Us was coded to be frame dependent. Since this isn’t a 2D animated game, the load it places on your system varies between scenes, and in places where your PC has problems rendering at fullspeed, the game engine just continues to pump out all the frames of animation. Other games would simply skip frames in order to maintain the timing, making them playable even if you’re dipping to 30 FPS.

2. The game is poorly ported. There’s really no denying this. A frame dependent game will work on consoles because hardware is uniform – if you get good performance out of one, you’re going to get good performance on all of them. With the PC, however, you really need to optimize code for a wide range of hardware due to modularity and difference in standards. The performance and features found in competing CPU and GPU will differ and they can affect how the game performs, even if the samples all came from their respective brands’ high end line.

This is especially lazy considering that they used a modified version of Unreal Engine 3, which already supports frame-independent rendering and would look and play good even on 5-year old hardware. Additionally, the iOS port of Injustice: Gods Among Us, managed to run well on an iPad 2’s meager hardware (it has the same processor and gpu as the PS Vita) while still using the same Unreal Engine 3 as its base.


Judging by how fast Netherrealm was in providing a patch for Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition (hint: there’s still no patch for the PC version.) it is up to users to fix their own performance-related issues through the following methods:

First, tone down the graphics settings. The two most demanding effects in the game is the shadows and the filtering effects. You can set the shadows lower or turn it off completely and you can force filtering (and aliasing!) to “off” in your videocard’s control panel. The game is going to look muddier but it still looks good, and you’ll see that the game is very, very fun even with reduced visual quality.

OR if you can afford it – JUST buy the most powerful PC available right now. It’s going to be an expensive solution but it’s simple and straightforward and you’ll be able to play all modern PC games in ultra settings, at least for the next couple of months – maybe next month you’re going to find a new game that requires hardware stronger than the one you have because it was a lazy port. It sucks, but that’s the problem PC gamers will have to deal with as long as they continue to support lazy developers.

Neil Raymundo

A cowardly and treacherous Toonbarn blogger who can transform into a McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. Secretly wants to replace Toonbarn Rob as leader of the Decepticons.

By Neil Raymundo

A cowardly and treacherous Toonbarn blogger who can transform into a McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. Secretly wants to replace Toonbarn Rob as leader of the Decepticons.

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for me i got a solution with mortal kombat ! i had the fps problem! but later i got a small patch and the fps is 45 or 30 !!! and its soooo fluide and no fps problem… well sometimes i got a little bugs when doing the ultra and it become slow-mo. 🙂 but its veryyy playable 🙂
with injustice i dont find any solution yet!! its still slow (gpu : geforce 220 gt)

Hi ma!

Thanks for commenting, but please read the entire paragraph containing the “buy an expensive PC” suggestion, including this part: [It sucks, but that’s the problem PC gamers will have to deal with as long as they continue to support lazy developers.] It was meant to point out (in a roundabout way) that the long term solution is to avoid games made by developers who don’t bother optimizing their games for the majority of gamers. They only listen to sales figures, so that’s what people need to use in order to keep them in line.

But I’ll take your feedback as constructive criticism and an indication that I should be more straightforward with my points next time 🙂

temporary fix…go to practice mode select a character and select the arkham asylum level…once in push the opponent to the far right of the stage till you get to the asylum door. use back button and kick button to kick out the opponent through the door.during the animation keep pausing and resuming until the animation is over…you should notice a faster gameplay after this

“JUST buy the most powerful PC available right now.”
you do realize that my pc exceeds the recommended system requirements for this game and the most powerful pc right now won’t be the most powerful pc in 6 months.

No, heywood. Nobody realizes that your PC exceeds the recommended system requirements because none of the readers are aware of what your specs are.

It’s also amazing how people tend to get outraged without even reading the complete article and understanding the author’s point, which has been outlined in her reply above – that the problem is with lazy developers and the solution is to hit them where it hurts, their pockets. By not buying their products anymore.

There’s also a reply above with a short term fix. Most fixes for this game are either temporary ones or dependent on luck. Because netherrealm studios are shitty programmers. I hope MK X is either optimized well or struggles with poor sales.

not a single one of you dumbshits have realized that this is just a clickbait article, and a crappy one at that.

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