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Play 3D Stunt Pilot

Play 3D Stunt Pilot

3D stunt pilot is a free browser based game that might remind you of the classic 16 bit SNES game Pilotwings, if you’re old enough to remember that game (or if you’re young, but have a penchance for retrogames).

This is a perfect game for kids since there’s no violence involved. The objective is simple: you are given a biplane that you can control using the mouse (the plane flies in the direction you point your mouse in), and you have a series of objectives, such as waypoints you must pass through. Don’t let the lack of enemies to shoot trick you into thinking that this is a boring game – passing through the right waypoints without missing or hitting the gates can be challenging. The game may serve as a good way to while away a couple of your minutes, as most flash games (at least the decent ones) are wont to do.

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