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Play Easter Island Tower Defense from

Play Easter Island Tower Defense from

Is it still the Easter season? I mean, OK, I guess I missed it by a few days, but, for the sake of a game, isn’t late better than never? If so, then read on, cuz this game is a doozy! Easter Island Tower Defense is part of the popular “TD” genre, where you place “towers” or “turrets” strategically across a map as a never ending swarm of baddies approaches. The Towers you place are your only Defense (get it!?) so you have to keep placing more and more, and upgrading more and more, to keep all the baddies out. 30 hours later, and you realize you’ve been sitting in the same chair playing this game in the same pair of clothes. Give it a whirl!

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ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob
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  1. Crow2010 Crow2010

    This game is great, it reminds me of a game that I like playing that is exactly like this except it dosnt have the tooton stones.

  2. Crow2010 Crow2010

    This is your best game yet ToonBarn Rob because the game I wanted to post was just like this one.

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  11. Wooooo!!!! I beat the whole game with 13,660 points

  12. Yeahh!!!! I beat the game on normal with 27636

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