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Play Hotel Transylvania: Zombie Suitcase Sort

Play Hotel Transylvania: Zombie Suitcase Sort

Sony Entertainment Pictures has once again released a free browser based game in support of their upcoming CG horror comedy feature Hotel Transylvania. This time, the star of the game is the Zombie Bellhop.

In Zombie Suitcase sort, you get to help Hotel Transylvania’s resident zombie bellhops navigate suitcases to the correct guestroom chute below. You can’t just shove the suitcases anywhere you want, though. You need to match the color to the correct chute! You don’t want Wayne the Werewolf to get Frankenstein’s suitcase or there’ll be heck to pay.

The controls are easy. You just click on the skulls in the gate in order to close said gate. A suitcase that hits a closed gate will be diverted to the next conveyor, so basically it’s a matter of intercepting and diverting suitcases as they come.

Since the game is much larger than what Toonbarn’s template can handle, you can instead click on the image below to be taken to the game site:

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