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Play the Toastache platformer game

Play the Toastache platformer game

It’s like a Super Mario game in that there’s a hero leaping from platform to platform with a bold mustache. …Except, in this game, there’s no Italian plumber – there’s a piece of toast. Fair enough! Your task is to help Mr Toastache on his travels, jumping safely across the screen, collecting buttery powerups along the way. Why? So you can fly instead of jump, of course! Hey, who cares what the storyline is, the game is fun and addicting, and here’s your chance to play it now. Check it out!

LEFT ARROW – move Toastache left
RIGHT ARROW – move Toastache right
UP ARROW – makes you jump
SPACE BAR – activates butter power

ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob
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  1. I got 4310, it took me liek fifteen trys to get that score.
    The sixth time I got 3567 so I kept trying but couldn’t catch up. Then I just kept going at it until I got 4310.

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  15. ToadFromSuperMario ToadFromSuperMario

    I just keep tapping the space bar to hear his voice .-.

  16. oh go mr toastache hahahaha man i feel old ;-/

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