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ToonBarn Trivia: We are the Winx??

ToonBarn Trivia Winx Club

Today’s trivia question: Every show starts off the same… “We are the Winx, we are the Winx…”  …but who the heck are the Winx? There are 6 fairies in the Winx Club.  Can you name all 6?

Email us with your answer and your first name or nickname. We’ll post the names of the first 5 people to send in the right answer in the next ToonBarn Trivia! And be sure to check after the break to see who won the previous ToonBarn Triva, Name this Yu-Gi-Oh! Character!

Haou, Knuckles 101, bloomtastic, Martina, and Ayal were the first 5 to email us the correct answer: The older character in the image with Yugi is Atem, an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, who sealed a part of his soul within the Millennium Puzzle. Congrats you guys!!! You were the smartest and the fastest of the group — everyone else out there, keep trying!

ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob
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  1. swathi swathi

    why did u stop showing winx club its was my favourite and still it is.please start it again so i can enjoy seeing tv.

  2. Kiera Kiera

    Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Layla

  3. emaliy_123 emaliy_123

    the winx are still on butt it is on show movie kids

  4. Chloe Crawford Chloe Crawford

    Bloom Stella Tecna Layla flora

  5. Chloe Crawford Chloe Crawford

    Musa I forgot

  6. sara sara

    Bloom & stella or Tecna

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