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New Trailer for Saint Seiya Online

New Trailer for Saint Seiya Online

A new trailer has been released for Saint Seiya Online, an under-development MMO based on the classic shounen manga. The trailer was originally screened at Shanghai’s 2012 ChinaJoy. The trailer is meant as a teaser so no actual gameplay footage is shown yet.

Saint Seiya follows five mystical warriors called the “Saints” (in some adaptations, the Saints are referred to as Knights) who fight using sacred armors referred to as “Cloths,” the designs of which are based on various constellations that the characters uses as their guardian symbols. The Saints are obligated to defend the reincarnation of the Greek goddess Athena in her battle against other Olympian gods who want to take over the Earth.

The upcoming MMO will be latest videogame based on the classic franchise, after Saint Seiya: The Sanctuary and Saint Seiya: The Hades, which were both released on the PS2 back in 2005 and 2006, respectively. There’s also been a number of games released in older consoles, such as the Family Computer, the Wonderswan Color, and the Gameboy. There’s also a typing game called Saint Seiya: Typing Ryu Sei Ken released for the PC back in 2003.

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