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Green Lantern 3D movie from DC Entertainment

Green Lantern 3D movie from DC Entertainment

We’ve met Superman, the Man of Steel. We’ve met Batman, the Dark Knight. Outside of those two, the world of DC Comics up on the big screen has been rather scarce. But starting tomorrow, June 17th Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment plan to fix all of that by introducing the mass audience to another super hero, Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds will star as Hal Jordan, the man with enough will power and lack of fear to wield the mighty Green Lantern ring. Will GL stack up with the other Justice League heroes? We’ll find out tomorrow when the film storms theaters in 3D. Will you have the will power?


Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Green Lantern Corps

GL training


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  1. I saw the superman, I saw the batman, but this is the first time I heard about Green Lantern. Curious to watch his perform. Thanks 🙂

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